Land of Nod comedy return to Seven Arts


Acclaimed Leeds comedy sketch troupe The Land of Nod return to their home city in March with a brand new sketch show at Seven Arts on Friday 13 March at 8pm.

Writer John Butler said: “The new show provides acute, well-observed and satirical social commentary. On the other hand, it stars a talking dog who drinks Guinness.”

Vegan, Latin-speaking football hooligans, a gotcha TV show in a morgue, and an honest lucky heather seller …  the show refuses to shy away from the tough subjects.

The troupe’s beloved pantomime cow, Ermintrude, even makes a brief, memorable and heart-rending appearance. She returns as an erotic dancer in the concluding musical piece.

Butler added: “Swearing and profanity are only used when absolutely artistically required. For example, ‘Donkey porn’ is only used once in the entire show. And we don’t say ‘c**t’ at all. There are a few ‘f**ks’, ‘f**kings’ and ‘f**kers’ though.”

Live musical accompaniment is provided by pianist, Simon ‘Fingers’ Henry. Simon Lacy, a specialist in extreme comic Shakespearean acting, and Cate Nisbet – whose 35-year acting career extends back to working with the ginger one out of the Full Monty when they were teenagers – make up the troupe.

Tickets are now on sale: £8 / £6 concessions. £10 on the door.

“The funniest thing I have ever seen” – Rachael.

“You guys have something truly unique” – Marc, Leeds.

“All comedy sketch groups should take notes from this fantastic show” – Edinburgh Fringe review.

Land of Nod sold out a mini tour of Seven Arts in Leeds, York John Cooper Studio and Ilkley Literature Festival Fringe in 2019.

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