Land of Nod are …

Johnny Butler

JohnBWHaving endured a life of depravity, debauchery and other things beginning with D, Johnny now lives quietly in the countryside with only his deranged aunt, Magdalena, as company. He spends his days in darkened rooms nursing his grievances, biding his time, making his plans.
Who knows what foul secrets he keeps locked away in his black heart?
All we do know is that once a year he emerges, like some ghastly apparition, to co-write and perform with The Land Of Nod before, once again, slipping away into the Stygian gloom from whence he came.
Silly arse.

Cate Nisbet

CateSketetonFormer editor of Kerrang! and one-time backing singer with Death By Glue Gun, Cate Nisbet has recently settled down for a life of quiet reflection. When not treading the boards she likes to knit her own jam and sculpt butterflies out of Camembert.

Graham Greensit


Graham Greensit trained at the Le Coq Drama School, he can speak 247 languages and regularly swims the channel using his own concoction of Swarfega and axle grease to protect him from the elements. He specialises in medical roles and has played the lead in Doctor At Large, Doctor In The House and Doctor Doctor (I Think I’m A Pair Of Curtains). His favourite fruit is the kumquat.

Alan Wright

Surprisingly, Alan Wright still exists. Since being declared clinically daft in his mid-30s he has served as an armed dinner lady, been knighted for services to cucumber husbandry and has read over 4 books. He likes to imagine he is other people. Maybe he is. No one is certain he is real. He currently lives in a brightly lit environment with his collection of genetic hybrids.