Introducing Lt Fyodor Wanksok

Like a beauteous butterfly, the Land of Nod has shattered the hard shell and quiescent pupa of Covid to bring you a cornucopia of magnificent new characters.

Emerging first, blinking into the sunlight, is Lieutenant Fyodor Wanksok, battle-scarred veteran of the Napoleonic wars.

He lost his left arm at Borodino and his right at the battle of Minsk. His left leg was blown off at Neremsky and his right at Waterloo. He was then blinded in the Crimea and decapitated in the Urals. His head was put on a spike and paraded around the streets of Mecklenburg whilst his body was burned and thrown into the Volga where it was devoured by piranhas. His mutilated remains were washed up on the banks of the river and consumed by rats. His testicles…

All this and a delicious range of open sandwiches await you in the new adventures of the Land of Nod. Coming soon!